Ready.  Alert.  Willing. 
Qualities that outfit us for hearing from God.
We are to be ready where we are.  Useable.  Useful.
Not thinking about where we should be or could be.
God wants us available for the now. 
A good deed. 
A kindness that is desperately needed. 
Giving a bit of what we have, not daydreaming about what we could give.
The daily Christian life mediates joy and peace. 
Here I am.  Ready.  Alert.  Willing. 
How often have we closed the door on service? 
It didn’t live up to our mental hype.
It was beneath us.
In truth it was the very thing the Lord needed of us.
People count.  Humble people count.  All people count. 
If you are waiting on some big thing. 
Chances are you’ve missed God’s thing. 
Go back to Jesus.  Lord whatever you want me to do I’ll do it. 
Listen.  Let Him know “Lord here I am.”
Great service begins with humility and a hand to the needy. 
Jesus wants to use us where we can be of best use.
Those uses are often humdrum daily, bit by bit, services. 
Reach out and help those you are with. 
Jesus is often found in the little places of life. 
People count and you and I can make them count.  Serve.
Clay Corvin
April 18, 2022