C.J. Is always with Jesus.  He loves Jesus.  
He loves his family.  His wife, children and grandchildren special.  
C.J. Is loyal and faithful to Jesus and his family.  

He is a man one can follow and grow in Christ.  
He loves the Lord Jesus first, foremost and consistently.  
His live is devoted to becoming more like Jesus.  

C.J. Is a man filled with the Holy Ghost.
He has divine strength that equips him each day.
Only by the power of Jesus can one explain C.J.’s life.  

He is inclusive.  Everybody counts.
He is long suffering.  People are important to him.  
C.J. uses God’s wisdom, mercy and grace.

A team player, he helps others innovate. 
His target is to grow in Jesus and disciple people.

Selfless service.  He is steadfast in his love for Jesus and people.

Strong.  Courageous.  Trustworthy. 

C.J. is a man after the heart of God.  

He puts God first and serves Him.  

Thank you C.J. for emulating Jesus.  

Thank you for being a friend.  

Thank you for loving our Lord and being faithful.  

Clay Corvin

April 5, 2022

Jerusalem, Israel