A heavy heart, I list my sins, appalled to see their depth, woe is me
I’ve sinned and I can’t get up, weak and foolish, I’ve sold out to selfishness
I, I, I; my life is filled with my needs, my way, O foolish heart hear God’s cry
Come to me you that are heavy laden, turn from your wicked ways and return to me

God will not let me go, thank you Lord for my actions and my goals lead me from you
I do not have the will to overcome evil, only by the blood of Christ do I find salvation
I want to be yours Lord, I want to surrender, Help me turn my eyes to you, O Lord I hurt
Give me eyes to see and ears to hear Lord Jesus, my days are filled with the blood of the innocent

I choose you Lord, You are my salvation, You are my pardon, I need to change, change me
No longer seduced by the leaders and hypocrites of the world; the, they them are of no use to me
Walking away from sin, following Jesus, He is the life, He is the light, No darkness in my Christ
God gave the Law, Jesus came to save us, The Lord is always dealing with our sin, thank you Lord

I face a daily existence, until that day I’m face to face, my day is always filled with challenge
You to face those same challenges, how do I, we, deal with our sinfulness and our push against God
The Word dwells in us richly, a mirror to our soul, calling us to account, nursing us at our core
Today, tomorrow and each day help me Lord spend time with you as I let your Word nourish me

So today I change, people count with me, love one another becomes my raison de’tre
Jesus fills me with joy, I share that joy with all I meet, as I share my joy grows
Giving joy fills my soul, reaching out, caring, listening, being their anchor as I hold on to Jesus
Today I will submit and obey, Christ in me changing me, equipping me to love others

Clay Corvin September 23, 2017