Christ followers died for their faith
Believing in Jesus, believing his return not far away
At the stake, wild animals or just an evil crowd
They died with their belief intact, Jesus was Lord and they followed Him to their end

It wasn’t the end for death was a threshold
Life eternal begun at salvation, death a momentary space
Between this world and His world
A place of standing, seeing Jesus face to face, life now like His

Christ is coming back, hard for our minds to grasp
It has been 2,000 years where is He?
The Word makes it clear, a thousand years is as a day to the Lord
Now evil is completing fullness, its reign drawing to a close, gasping and ranting
Jesus has all things under control-He is coming back

It will happen suddenly, everyone will see
Finality at last, judgment executed
Christ on the scene, every knee will bow
Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus for all to see

Satan revealed and slain by our conquering king
The forces of evil banished forever
Jesus here, we are with Him
The kingdom complete, all the saved will be with Christ

My life counts and so does yours, the Lord is on your side
Don’t surprised at His amazing, great and unrelenting love for you
Keep at the faithful Christian life
That involves stumbling and strife, for sin is all around us and many of us weak
Remember His love never ends, His mercies never cease
Great is His faithfulness, mercy renewed each day

Yes you can do this, spend time with Jesus
Read His Word, claim His promises, do the next right thing
When you fall repent and get up, repent and get up, repent and get up
Never, never, never give up, for Jesus never gives up on you

Today I know a few things
Jesus is Lord
He is coming back
He will never abandon me, never
I belong to Him, He is my righteousness

Clay Corvin November 4, 2017