Before the world created
God provided for our redemption
Raised us up in Jesus
He Already provides the grace
We so desperately need

All of us shifting feet
Dealing with the anxiety of life
Peace comes unbidden
Part of His gift of lIfe

He provides the wisdom
Our heart consistently needs
Blessing us with every
Spiritual blessing
Even before our need

Jesus is God’s everything
Equipping us to be
The kind of person
In our minds eye
We knew we could be

Today draw a line
No more will you roam
Hither and yon
To find the news
Christ has come to you

Let this be your lesson
God has a hold on you
He will not let you stumble
You will never, ever
Be out of His control

Peace and grace aplenty
Joy inside of you
Christ shares all of His blessings
Everyday with you

Clay Corvin