GOSPEL OF GOD ROM. 1:1-6 & 14-17

The world is at work discrediting Christ, hating all He does
Seeking to destroy us, claiming we are narrow minded, finished
Every civilization since Christ was born has claimed this, we are still here
The World is not a friendly place, in Jesus we are one

In truth they are correct, there is one way to the Father, He decided that
Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no other way to the Father except through Him
The creator of all things, one with Father and Holy Spirit, Jesus Lord of all
Power of God unto salvation, giving us right standing with the Father, He is the Good news

The Gospel was given by God to man, we didn’t dream it up, it is divine in origin
This is the only thing God has to say to man-accept Jesus-He is my good news to you
Jesus is alive, He is here now, ask Him to forgive your sin and come into your heart
He is faithful and righteous to do just that-ask and He will save you

Jesus is fully divine and when He walked upon this Earth He was fully man
He has always been part of the Godhead-Father, Son and Holy Spirit ONE
God in the flesh-walking in the Temple –being baptized by John-died on the Cross
Laid in the tomb, buried, resurrected by the power of God and He is alive this moment

Have courage and do not fear, do not be ashamed of the Gospel
God is at work in you, tell what He is doing and has done-to everyone
His power provides freedom for us, no longer at the mercy of the world
We have new life, new freedom, peace with the Lord, He is our righteousness

Salvation is free but it isn’t cheap, Jesus died for our sin
Salvation is our choice-accept or reject
Claim His power, bend your knee to Jesus, He will save you
We are blood bought, Christ saved and divinely kept unto eternity-Jesus is Lord

Clay Corvin February 27, 2016