DO YOU KNOW? Acts 15

Hard for us to believe God, we know what He has said but does it apply to us?
Difficult to accept His free gift of Salvation, we need to work for it, deserve it
We cannot, we cannot, we cannot

Many say, others do, all demand –they want their say, their way, has God said?
They point to actions, distractions, look at what I’ve done, I deserve it
I’ve planned it, it is my right and yet God says there is not other way except thru Jesus

We test God, presume on God, clamor for God, expect it to be done our way
And yet we cannot rest in Him, by faith we believe, by faith we serve Him
He is Lord we cannot see Him but He has given us clear testimony in Word and Actions

No list of rules, principals
Believe, trust, obey
Those we see are most important, we minister to those we are with, not those where we aren’t

Choice is the key, we choose Jesus, He is looking for us
We cannot choose Him except that He has already chosen us, He knew us before we were born
We were dead in our trespasses and sin and Jesus died for us

Forsaken and poured out, everyone left Him, He died on the cross
You were on His mind when He died, Father forgive them, He etched you on His heart
Our words are simply words, it is our heart, do we love Jesus with all of our heart?

Clay Corvin March 5, 2016