GOD’S SUNRISE Luke 1:78-79

God’s sunrise
Has come upon us
A new day from heaven
Has dawned – Jesus lives

He is the light
Shining in the darkness
In Him we see everything differently
Our problems don’t seem so large
The world cannot defeat us

Christ reached into my world
He changed me – a new heart, a new mind
No longer alone – no longer condemned to death
He gave me life – a gift I couldn’t earn
Now I am alive – Jesus lives in me

I had lost my way
Jesus carried me thru
He walks with me and talks with me
When I am down He lifts me up
I have hope instead of despair – I belong to Him

Christ is the light of heaven
He has come into our world
Open your eyes and see Him
The Babe of Bethlehem is the light of the world
Give your heart to Him

Let Christ have your and life
Turn to Him to solve the problems you face
Ask Him for strength to face each day
He will not turn you away
Jesus is the light you need for living

Clay Corvin December 17, 2011