The Lord removed His royal garments
Put on the rags of a slave
Came to earth in our form
Lived among us as one of us yet without sin
Willingly dying a horrid death on a cross for you and me

Jesus is the reason my life counts
He has a plan for me
He loves me and cleanses me
His righteousness bestowed upon me
In Jesus I am free and God is my father

Christ calls me to submit
Do the best that I can
Be an obedient servant
Know that the Lord is with me
Every step I take every breath I breathe

Suffer in victory
Christ is all and in all and He knows me
I am the delight of His heart
God loves me
Picking up my cross sets me free

Listen to Jesus
Have confidence in God
Serve as though it were for the Lord, it is
Nothing can separate me Jesus
He will not leave me

CC, December 3, 11