Amazing, unbelievable, miracle
All things I think as I consider what we have done
Forty-six years together
Each year a gift of grace
We forged a partnership-it required unselfish devotion and forgiveness

You have given 150% and taught me to give my best
Trust has been a benchmark of our faith in each other
Jesus saw us thru many tragedies and triumphs
He never let us go – we cling to each other
I need you and gratefully you need me-thank you

We have years of memories-sad, bad and glad
We have created a history-the Lord knows its worth
We cherish and celebrate that history today-a very special day
Forty-six years together and now we have much more
Daniele, Adam, Leslye, Jeremy, Kelly and Louis-Alexis, Elianna and Isabella

Our family is strong, our future is bright
Forty-six more would be wonderful
I will be grateful for each one-I love you
Thank you for the memories and love you’ve shown me
Happy Anniversary-great years and days ahead-YOU ARE THE BEST!