Aging is:
Losing sleep
Losing a child
Losing a step
Losing a dream
Losing vitality ounce by ounce
Losing a best friend
Losing a wife
Losing a job to retirement
Losing time
Gaining heartache
Getting ahead
Seeing the foolish things you thought important pass by
Knowing what’s important twenty-five years too late
A child coming back to the Lord
Peace with yourself
Painful achy days
Spending time with Jesus
Seeing heaven just over the horizon and looking forward to it
Missing trips you’ve waited all your life to take
Learning there won’t be any more walks on the Seine
No more long trips in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

But most importantly it is sharing Jesus with the people you meet
Telling others of the victory the Lord has in your life
Expressing the joy you feel as you sit with your Bible in your easy chair
Experiencing His presence as you read His Word
Feeling Him at work in your heart, wiping away your tears
Seeing Jesus guide you step by step
Telling Him I love you Lord, I love this life you’ve given me
Quietly listening as the Holy Spirit rejoices in your presence
Thanking the Lord of all for all you have: JESUS IS LORD OF ALL

Clay Corvin age: 67 October 9, 2014 New Orleans, LA