Complex the world says
You can’t do it
Look at what you’ve done
Who do you think you are?
Disappointment, failure and heartache
Life’s theme
Nothing has worked so far

Jesus came seeking you
“Ask me in and I will heal you”
Curing your sin problem
Giving you a new heart
His death on the cross paid the price
A price you could not pay
Jesus is the way

I accept right then
Salvation complete
Focus on Jesus
Follow Him
He will tell me what to do
Every day is new
Each morning, “Lord what do we do?”

Jesus fixes me
I talk with Him
My heart is filled with joy
I spend time with Him
He is the focus of my life
Christ calls me to be
To be with Him, To be like Him

Every time I fall down
Jesus helps me back up
My heart desires to be with Him so much
I read His WORD seeking to be with Him more
I discover HOW MUCH Jesus loves me
I’m amazed HE loves me
My heart is overwhelmed by His love

I wake and ask Jesus “Lord what do we do today?”
He tells me
I walk that way with Him
We go about His business
I end the day with Him
Thanking Him for this day
I sleep knowing Jesus is with me
Clay Corvin October 1, 2011