I have everything I need in Jesus
Life to come
Life right now
Filled with joy and peace
Seeking to become a godly servant
Not a façade but who I am and will be

The world seeks to blind me
Too often I forget to ask for His help
His promises more than I can believe
These promises assures the life I live
His divine power available for me
Limitless and free if I will only ask

His creative power is here for me
Unseen but creating all things
Used for me to accomplish His plan
I can be and will be by your power
Lord it humbles me to experience Your power
I know the restrictions on my life are placed by me

Your glory is available for me
Your presence is so needed and available
I kneel and cry out to You Lord come and be with me
You promise you will be here
And when I realize You are here
I am overcome by Your love for me

You bring me into Your presence
I accept this by faith and surrender to You
I am yours and You belong to me
Lord you are so great and wonderful to me
Guide each moment in me and take me thru life
Jesus is Lord and He is alive in me

Clay Corvin August 16, 2008