The Lord is thorough, true, constant, stabile, firm
He is faithful
It is His nature
He is faithful to you-He died for you
His faithfulness is your success
He will be your constant companion
Jesus has His eyes on you

He will guide you from where you are
Giving you life and a plan for where to go
His Word is living and giving
Through it He will lead you by your hand
Creating peace and joy as a gift
You life will be renewed and renewed
His hand will guide you

And He calls you to discipline
So that you can survive
In order to claim His life in you
His power and strength shining through
No longer are you at the mercy of the world
Jesus is alive-He is walking with you
Discipline will equip you to be you

Out of His faithfulness
He will build community by you
Teaching you of your worth-Jesus loves you
Letting you experience the joy of Christ in you
As you face each day with its problems renewed
This journey of life will bless you
Christ is Lord and Jesus will use you

Clay Corvin August 9, 2008