Everyday is new
Colored by my outlook
How can I see through?
What to do?

Confidence in today
Begins with Christ
Listening to His advice
Knowing He is there

What about the way?
That life unfolds
The day extols
Is this a good thing?

Endless pain?
Foolish gain?
What’s in a plan?
Can I serve this way?

Am I here today
To have a say
Meaningful walk
Valuable talk

Or must I surrender my life
To evil and strife
To be overwhelmed by despair
At the heartache life blares

No –Christ is all
He gives value and worth
To each moment I live
I turn to Him and He gives

I belong to Jesus
What I do reveals
His love and compassion
Even to those who are not His

Jesus is love
Jesus gives love
Love enables
Jesus gives life
Out of the angry desperation
Seen every day
Nations hate nations
People get in their way

So many noises
Too much talk
Few ever spend the time
To hear Jesus call

Every day Jesus is looking
For those who want to live
Giving life completely
Equipping man to live

And yet each day is a choice
Every moment I can be
A person of distinction
Jesus sets me free

Free from all my fears
Free from all my lacks
Equipped to grow and know
Jesus fills my soul