All good things come from God
Not all good things for me
Those good things I need to serve
Are expressly routed to me

Miracles push me to His door
Reminding me of His charge
Giving me the encouragement I need
When I’m in the service of God

No story tells of miracles done
Because of someone’s strength
They always reach from God to man
To be used for Jesus to speak

Listen as you walk through life
Look at the things you have
What is Christ charging you with?
His road never has a crowd

Remember you belong to Him
His love encircles your life
Accept His gifts and do your thing
In service of Jesus Christ

Don’t look to me
To judge your worth
I’m on a different road
Keep your eyes on your goal

Each of us lead worthy lives
His presence gives us value
He indwells us to guide our way
Our lives hold eternal days

CC 5/4/05