Born to die, I think of Him
This day, His day to remember Him
Knowing that I’ve lived and failed
His love has made, is making, my life

Born to die, He chose to come
Giving up His wealth for me
Forgive me Lord, I live for one
Forgetting all the things you’ve done

Born to die, He knew me well
His pain, His walk, His loneliness
All of this was caused by me
My selfishness dictated the tree

Born to die, the Son of God
He walked the path all have trod
Living by the strength of God
He showed us each the way

Born to die, His love so great
It heals my hate
Calling me to bend my knee
Christ is all there is for me

Born to die, He chose the cross
So I could choose to not be lost
Asking Him to give me life
His joy, His peace dispels my strife

Born to die, Sing loud and clear
This day remember we are dear
The love of God has come our way
Celebrate Christ with joy today

Clay Corvin December 25, 2008