I belong to Jesus, He pours His grace on me
Filling me with peace, His glory shadows me

Looking to the future, it begins right now
Cutting off my evil, His life calls me now

Accepting all of His promises, encourages me to pray
Knowing Jesus better, I rise to meet each day

Called by Christ’s action, He came looking for me
I’m not a mistake; My life is filled with promise from the hand of God

Forgetting the past, I live for Him
Jesus is the reason I believe, He builds His freedom in me

I’m still suffering consequences, But they don’t stop my growth
I’m living like Jesus, The Father’s will my way

Saved to completion, I will live by His strength
Stand before my Savior, In His living line

I know He will use me, His Word declares my worth
Everyday with Jesus, I live to do His work

Clay Corvin December 27, 2008