Backslider, backslider where do you belong
God is not your leader, the world is not your home
Throwing off the wisdom, given from above
Creating your own religion calling it peace and love
Forming Gods that do not hear, that abuse at every turn
Because the only wisdom is the law that you have spurned

All around is gold and jewels, you are starving on your wealth
Resulting in destruction of all that you hold dear
Trickling down in fearful fits, destroying what you thought dear
The wealth is ripping our your heart and stepping on those near
Causing hate to rampage, the poor get poorer still
Yet you can’t see the poverty that is sneaking in your ear

This sin and evil living, chants drugs and booze and sex
Until the day the lights go out and evil has its sway
Lives drift by each day, acting out a dance of pain
Nowhere is there a place that you can get relief
But there is one near that knows your name
He is looking for you to heal your pain

Backslider, backslider bend your knee and confess your shame
Jesus is calling to you, come you who are heavy laden
This is the path, walk in it, there is only one way
I paid the price to save your soul, I’m calling out your name
Let Me have your heart and I will replace it with a new one
You can live and call on Me and I will know your name, I will give your rest

Clay Corvin 8/24/07