Troubled lives
Grappling for a hold

Must be managed
With open eyes
Or risk grabbing the wrong hold

Just when we stand up
From sins aweful weight
Is just the time to shut up
And live in Jesus strength

Too quickly
Man assumes strength
Just as diarreah cuts him in half

Powers of the air
Create lives of despair
Carefully manage change
Do not issue a dare

The joy of Jesus
Gives us future hope
But we must make it effective
By each of lifes stroke

Remember life is a marathon
The rabbit always loses
And failure is his friend

But know this truth
Jesus Christ is Lord
Walk ye in Him

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  • Amen and Amen..the rabbit always fails dear bro Corvin but we
    shall standfast in Him in His might n grace for He is a mighty
    God WE serve..Praise be unto Him from everlasting to everlasting
    Blessed be thine heart for enabling me to share these lines with
    my fellow compatriots who thirst for More of Him…
    You be even more nourished in His grace .