Everyday choices
This way or that
Will we win?
Will we lose?

We see the other side
Greener and plush
We want that
What we have is not enough

Then the cheating comes
Lying to get ahead
Covered up with evil
We quickly lose our way

More is what we choose
Bigger, better, to amuse
Then we sense the pain
Life is not our gain

What can we do?
To find our way back
Bend the knee to Christ
He brings light and life

Start with Him each day
Give Him all you have
He will give you back
Then you will not lose

Change is the key
Good choices build me
I want to be the way I saw
Before sin deceived me

Everyday we choose
The way to win is clear
Give your life to Jesus
He will keep you near

Near to success
Near to good choices
His wisdom will provide
The strength you need for life

Now I daily walk
Along His lighted path
Holding on to Him
His love will make me win