God has a plan
You are it
What you do-can change it
What you don’t-shortchanges you

God has a plan
He loves you
Died and rose-because He knows
The pain you have-the world is woes

God has a plan
It’s made for you
To help you grow-your heart made whole
No more fear-Jesus is always near

God has a plan
His plan equips
You to be-what you know is you
His wisdom-guides you to be His

God has a plan
Who do you love?
Choices determine-what you’ll be
You determine-if you’ll be free

God has a plan
Focus on Christ
Declare His love-at every chance
Thanksgiving for Him-His gift to you

God has a plan
Life comes quick
Be with Him-eternity begins now
Don’t waste time-Love Him now

Clay Corvin   2/1/07