What do you want from life?
So that you can give advice
And be in charge

Knowing all the evil
Hearing all man’s fears
Knowledge makes us fearless
And often unable to hear

Maybe power is your thing
Controlling others
Demanding things
Overwhelmed with goods

Sickness quickly destroys
Powers sense of strength
Behind the world’s controlling
A little man on the brink

We walk and talk of issues
Life is what we want
How to grab the gusto
And live without a think

I want and I have and soon I will be
Rhymes we make to soothe
The truth is death is coming
I don’t when it will unfold

I want to be of value
Important where I am
Able to see my condition
As worthy of who I am

Jesus says surrender
Give my your heart
I will fill you with value
And worth will overflow your heart