I want riches, friends, the good life: what do I do?
Seek first His kingdom & His righteousness
All these things will be given to you as well
I’m all alone, no one cares:
Jesus died for you that you might have life
It’s too hard:
He will wipe away every tear
Don’t let life toss you aside,
Give your heart to Jesus and He will abide
You will never be alone
Where ever you are will be home
No one can destroy you
Nothing can take you away from Jesus
Keep the Son in your eyes,
Darkness will not overwhelm you
Take Him all of your cares
Jesus will take them from you and heal you
Every day with Jesus,
Is sweeter than the day before
Let Jesus have your heart
You will never have a broken heart
Tell Him your troubles
Jesus will walk thru the fire with you
The Lord be with you
The Lord be with your spirit

May 6, 2012