Inside of me
The world is small
I do not see the obstacles
Life will be what I see

Along the way
I go my way
The path is always blurred
Things get disturbed

Along the way
I lose a day
Then things disappear
Now I am here

How did this happen?
How could I have known?
Is there a plan for me?
Or is life a cruel joke?

Jesus came to end the joke
His love repairs my soul
Giving me His hand each day
As I walk in living woe

All around the heartache rings
I see things I can’t fix
But Jesus fixes me
I am able to be

A plan for me
Straight from God’s hand
Jesus brings life to me
And wisdom to walk the land

Now I’m on my way
Focused each day
On walking His way
Jesus lives in me

CC 6/11/05