I am an alien
Living in the land
It doesn’t belong to me
I live at God’s hand

Remembering whose I am
When suffering comes
Equips me to stand
In the midst of evil’s land

Lost horizons blind my sight
I fail to see Christ’s hold on me
Suffering dulls my senses
Today and now become life’s goal

Not true, not true
Grab hold of Christ
Run to Him
Seek His advice
Jesus will keep you free

Ethics compromised
Throw a blanket over the mind
Immerse yourself in Christ
Serve, love, surrender
Jesus will keep you free

As we stumble along the way
Everything seems easier for the wicked
Fear the Lord
Remember what Christ did on the cross
His faithfulness will be your strength

Suffering is always a danger
We are weak and shortsighted
Keep your eyes on Jesus
He will keep you free

Clay Corvin 9/20/08