I trust in the Lord, He is for me
This world is insecure everything is passing away
Life flees; no one is safe except those who trust in the Lord

My life belongs to the Lord, He is alive, and Jesus saves me
I can trust Him; He cares for me, Jesus watches over me
He guides me in the places I should go His love surrounds me

All the days of my life I will experience trouble Jesus is with me
He talks with me, Jesus feels my pain, and He knows my name
Every step I take, Jesus the Lord is protecting me

I am secure in Christ even when I am beat with the rod
Jesus is with me, the pain of life is for a moment, and Jesus gives me peace
I will be with the Lord forever and He will never let me go

The ungodly surround me, I tell them about Jesus, and some hear, most don’t
The end of the wicked is destruction; they are at war with God
The end of the righteous is life in Christ; He paid the price for my life

Remember me Lord, Jesus will not forget
Life will try to upset us, it will but the Lord stands with us
Jesus is Lord, He gives us life and peace and we will be with the Lord forever

Clay Corvin November 3, 2012