I sit today and think of You—You’ve filled my heart and stopped the blue
Agonizing in the dark—which way and why will not deny
That life is rough and tough—declaring a negative worth
Reach out my heart and seek His way—Jesus I love you

Life is time and time is quick—what can I do to make it stick
Claiming days that waft away—my heart is blue and I love You
Even when the way is hard—I grow and feel Your hand divine
Remember me my Lord—Your gift of life is all I have and I am Yours

Speak to me in words that live—I have only me to give and that is not so much
You died for me and gave me gifts—Evil seeks to grab those gifts
I know they are meant for me—I cannot decree or change what I have
Only if I lay it down and I know that isn’t me—Jesus set me free

So what is it that stalks my path? Not a word from Thee
It is my enemy —seeking how he can slay me
Joy and peace are gifts you give—Your children have a right
To claim this bit of life—Today I claim for me Your offered victory

Clay Corvin