God in Christ came to man, our great need so clear
All of us where hurting here, this place of pain and agony
Each day of life filled with sweat and tears, the world in need of a Savior

Jesus came in Bethlehem, the God/Man in a child’s form
Born as the least of us, filled with faith in the Father
He lived like us, at the mercy of the world, only His faith to guide Him home
Growing up hard working, He loved the Father without reservation
Sinless, perfect, all because of His absolute focus on God the Father
God with us, He walked among us, His word to us-TELL THE GOOD NEWS

Jesus came to the disciples walking on the water, showing God’s power available for us
Equipping us to deal with this moment’s decision, giving us the ability to cope
Able to deal with dangers, disasters and problems, He brings victory into our life
Nothing surprises the Father, life moves at a quick pace, Jesus calls us to TELL THE GOOD NEWS

Jesus came to the demoniac, overwhelmed in his sins, garbage to those who lived nearby
Beloved by Jesus, cleansed of his demons, in his right mind, in control of himself
Jesus makes the wrong right, He purifies us from our sin, He cleanses us
We are not alone, we are not at the mercy of the world, Jesus is with us-go TELL THE GOOD NEWS

Jesus came to the disciples in the Upper Room, He knew what they were thinking, the fear they felt
His peace, the peace of God, creates life, dispels fear
Jesus says to you, do not fear, go TELL THE GOOD NEWS

Jesus came to die on the cross, He paid the price for our sin
He lived a perfect, sinless life, Jesus was the sacrifice, He died for you and me, raised from the dead
By the power of God, Jesus is alive, Alive today interceding at the right hand of the Father
As we live in His presence, His encouraging word to us today is TELL THE GOOD NEWS

Clay Corvin    1/15/17