Every day of my life was recorded in His book before my life began.

My loving Father fashioned a good plan for me.

Of course, there were options.  I could choose.

His love nurtured me through, day by day, gently guiding, caring.  

Evil came calling in every way, every day.

God’s mercy and grace helped me grow.

So many questions.  Too few answers.  

His Word details His deep love for me.  

He is thinking of me every minute.  Thousands upon thousands of thoughts.

All good thoughts.  All for my welfare.  

His love is so much more significant than I believed.

Until I read His Word, and He revealed Himself to me.  

Everything I know about the Lord, He shared it.

His Word is my document of growth, wisdom, mercy and grace.  

God is in me, His Hand, the Holy Spirit guiding me.  

Jesus is interceding for me.  He loves me.  He cares for me.

He provides the attention that I need to survive.  He is Lord. 

I know Him.  I believe Him.  I follow Him.  He gives me life.  

Clay Corvin

April 19, 2022