I must admit that preparing for a journey is often more exciting than the journey
Thinking what can be and reveling in what I see
Then the day comes and off I go
Facing the rigors of travel and letting myself be distracted by the terror of the moment

That first night I seek to reclaim my joyful journey
Setting aside my halcyon view of travel and refocusing on reality
Travel is an opportunity to step outside my self
Uncontrolled by the rigors of daily life, free for a moment to dream

My journal opens and I become the recorder of the dream
My heart remembers those reasons for the trip and regains control of my soul
I sleep a quiet night and arise to find my way
This is the day of adventure and I will find it at every turn

Recording the journey becomes the activity of the moment
New sights, sounds and smells open up my mind
The experience is mine to interpret and I can choose my response
I choose to rejoice and revel in the moment often taking pictures as I go

Quickly the journey ends and those special moments are mine
My pictures are catalogued and filed there for me to review
When I do the moments return and the joy spills out for me to feel
It was a grand experience and it makes my life more real

Clay Corvin
November 25, 2007