The Lord Said – Genesis 18:17

 The Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do,

Conversation and relationship are important to the Lord.
He cares for His creation.  He is bold and constant.
Nothing surprises Him. 
He rejoices in our desire to be with Him.

There is a constant battle in the heavenlies.
Evil never sleeps.  Neither does God.
He knows everything that is going on.
He intervenes on our behalf.  He loves us. 

The Lord knows our future.
He desires that we know our future.
Ask Him and He will not hide it from you.  
Jesus saves us and we stand in Christ’s righteousness.  

God loves you.
The Lord will never leave you. 
He is seeking you right now. 
He even tattooed your name in the palm of His hand.  

Every time He thinks of you, your name is before His face.  
Your prayers go up to Him.  He willingly talks with us. 
Go to the Lord.  Deliver great petitions.  
Let Him explain what He wants and what He is doing.  

Remember, if you are devoted to the Lord, 
The outcome of your petitions will be a blessing.
Don’t live for what you don’t have. 

Accept life and light from the Father.  Serve Him.  Rejoice.   

Clay Corvin
In preparation for traveling to Israel
March 21, 2022 – Northport, Alabama