David declared his humility before the Lord
He knew his place, he claimed his faith, peace be still

Trifling with the Lord is serious business God knows our heart
It is a choice to claim the Lord – it is a choice to serve the Lord
We choose – I choose to be what HE says
Lord dig out my pride – destroy it but save me
Give me eyes that see YOUR love – a heart pure without cunning
I want to be who I am – trusting you for salvation, peace and joy
I will be your child, I will be your servant, I will love those I’m with

Help me set aside the ways of the world – a grateful heart guides me
I will do what you say Lord – Help my unbelief
Teach me my limitations – Blessed are the ways of the Lord
Lead me in your everlasting way – my life rests in your gracious hands
Thy will not my will Lord – I will do the best at what I do
Destroy my self-sufficiency, self will, self seeking
Pour out your grace upon me that I will walk in your way

Hope in the Lord – He is my strength
My faith is in His promises, His presence, His salvation
One day face to face, help me claim heaven today
Those things unseen, open my eyes Lord that I might see
Those things unheard, open my ears Lord that I might hear
Develop a yearning in me for YOU- every breath I take is YOU
Indwell me with your confidence, I hope in the Lord

Clay Corvin April 11, 2015