What does the Bible say?
Jesus was a man
Grew up in Nazarath, gave His father a hand
Walked, talked, burdened with the world
He was a real man, a strong and able man
He was divine-filled with God- made God’s presence known
God in Human flesh

What does Jesus say about Himself?
Only way to God, no other way to the Father
With God from the beginning, since before time, Jesus was always with God
Required by the Father, believe in Jesus and live, reject Jesus and you are rejecting life
See Jesus you see God, know Jesus you know God, believe in Jesus you believe in God
Christ had a pure life, tested in every way, perfect Son of God
Died with grace on the Cross, Centurion said “surely this man must be the Son of God”

What does history say?
Jesus is alive today, alive in you and me
No peace without Jesus, no joy apart from Christ
Millions testify to His grace and mercy
Jesus is Lord over all things
He sits at the right hand of the Father
Jesus has the power of God in Him, indeed Christ is God

What do you say about Jesus?
Do you trust Him, you can
Are you convinced that Jesus is the living Son of God
Able to save your soul
Willing to walk each moment with you
Jesus is able to save you
Let the Lord have control of your life

CC December 8, 2012