Saved but singed
Described me well
I trusted God
But often fell
Not being what He called me too
Fearing God was new

Then one day
Christ came to me
More like Me
You should be
Break your rule
Walk my way
Fear the Lord
Be mine today

Know the Word
It’s there for life
Guiding me through sacrifice
Equipping me
To shed His blood
The world is hard
Evil demands to be heard
Bend your knee and follow me

Committed is the word I see
Written all across me
Life is all about degrees
Degrees of pain and suffering
Degrees of willing wait
And at the end of wait
Stands Jesus Christ

Now is when you name me
Now is when you care
Touch those I send to you
Help them with your care
And in your care is living
Dispenser of God’s love
Always help the hurting
In helping is your cure
A cure for evil’s actions
A cure for life’s duress
A cure for your questions
Life is giving your best

Do not fear tomorrow
The power of God is now
It comes to live in each of us
Not because we are worthy
But because we have chosen life
Jesus calls me to surrender
His power stalks my fear
Eternal life is here in me
Jesus is always near

CC 4/9/05