Questions pursue
Answers confuse
Life is real and often abused
What is it I can change?

Will I be this way again?
Or changing what I do
Will it alienate me from You?
Careful with my view

Jesus it’s all about You
How can I see?
When I am blind
And ignorant most of the time

Jesus it’s all about You
Yet I fumble with the divine
Accusing You of my failure time
Grab me in the lurch

Help me be alert
Aware of Your precious touch
And ears that hear You speak
Guide me to Your feet

Emotions so betray
Accusing what I do
Waxing hot and cold
Steady my foolish soul

Who is there to tell
Like a nursery rhyme
With real consequences
When I fail

Jesus it’s all about You
Help me bend my knee
To serve eternity
Usable as Your tool

Stand with me
I can be a fool
While thinking I’m so cool
The only reality –Jesus in me

I want to be
Even when I’m not
Lord touch my heart
I belong to You

CC 3/27/05