Down those streets that scream with pain
They reek with heartache, fear and shame
Many names line the view
A street has many hues

Tree lined mirages of peace and calm
Shield the eyes from Satan’s mob
Swirling in the air we breathe
Seeking any he can deceive

Pulling away the fa├žade of joy
We see short lives of desperate ploy
Never having what they need
All their life they are deceived

Joy rules in Satan’s roost
Seeking whom he might devour
Relishing the foolish plight
Of educated, dead fools

They believe only what they see
And in their hearts throb with disease
Sin is a blinding, evil chain
That holds them back from any gain

At 65 they feel the pain
Of wasted lives and helpless drain
Around the world in billions of ways
This sordid way deals in dismay

Jesus said I’ve come to save
All from a life of wasted days
Giving each a relationship
The Lord loves you

Clay Corvin 10/11/04