Jesus has delivered us from the shackles of sin
He cut away the hardship and troubles we couldn’t mend
God is at work in our lives to save us
He will not let anything destroy us
We are His and we belong to Him

Joy, peace and life are our inheritance
Even when things go bad we know
Every thought that the Father has towards us is good
By faith we believe that and it encourages us
For there is much evil in this world and it will find us

Hard times and difficult tests come
Surprise is their calling card
Do not be surprised when trouble comes your way
The Lord is never surprised and He loves you
We can live with the sure knowledge that Jesus is for us

Set aside your bitterness
Ask the Lord for a sweet spirit
Trouble cannot destroy you
We live in the presence of God
He has saved us before and He will do it again

Forget about measuring time
It is our enemy and does nothing good for us
Live by faith that all things will work together for good in your life
Relax and tell Jesus all your troubles and then trust Him
Hang on because the Lord Jesus will deliver you

Clay Corvin
March 5, 2011