Here I am to serve You
Lord you know my need
If this is where you want me
This is where I will be

I rejoice in your goodness
I claim Your love
Actively guide me
As I seek to serve those you love

Power resides in surrender
If comes from your hand
Dealing with my worldliness
Guiding me to be your man

Wealth and honor sidetrack me
Help me hear Your Words
The world is passing by me
New Jerusalem is where I’m heard

The work I do is a blessing
I see You where I stand
Every time I surrender
Heaven gives me a hand

All around are the needy
Every face I see needs help
My life is here to serve You
Use me as Your hands

I see Your hand as it beckons
Holding resources I will need
Every time I surrender
Victory is instilled in me

CC 2/27/05