He lay in the grave on Saturday

The cruel cross on Friday put Him there

All hope was lost the disciples despaired

Like us they heard Him but it hadn’t sunk in

Just like today the people were walking in darkness

Dreary interminable days grasped the Saturday People

Most of us have felt that way

Hope in hope is dashed each day

Friends die without reason

Evil seems to have the upper hand

We languish in our desperate fates

Life wiled away and today we are the Saturday People

They saw the tomb and the stone was rolled away

His grave clothes lay in the tomb

He wasn’t there for He had risen

Just as He said He would

We can trust Him especially His Word

He came looking for us the Saturday People

Jesus had risen

He wasn’t in the tomb

Jesus had risen

Praise God, Lord of Lords and King of kings

Christ is alive and well defeating death destroying hell

For those who claim His gift of life-it is free bought by His sacrifice

Saturday people are all around us

They lead quiet lives of despair

We have been saved by Jesus He has forgiven our sin

He has put us into the House of God

We are God’s children, He rules through Christ

Joy, peace and salvation are mine-Jesus is alive in my heart

Clay Corvin 4/3/10