A super star, the life of the party
She has an inner light that shines thru all she does
A glamourous, kind, gentle woman
Who creates a life of joy and peace for so many she impacts to this day

People want to be with her, to be like her
She has a passionate love for life and people
She cares, she gives, she forgives in an amazing Christlike way
Reaching out to others
She encourages and uplifts them in a unique and valued way

Rosemary loves her family, deeply, consistently
Through thick and thin
Through sickness and health

People care about her
Because she values them
She protects them
She is a caregiver for Jesus

She sees life through Christ’s eyes
Dependable, determined, diligent
She has an alertness and attentiveness
Uncommon in most folks

Compassionate and creative
Loyal and joyful
She is a resourceful, bright light in a dark world

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus is her heartbeat
Family, family, family is her lifeblood
So proud to know her, so proud to call her friend

Clay Corvin
March 25, 2020