Rhonda Kelley

A woman of peace and joy
Committed and faithful to service
She loves the Lord Jesus; Heart, mind and soul
Filled with the Spirit

An outstanding writer
She loves her work
Her time with Jesus well spent, Consistent and in depth
She surrenders her schedule, Her goals to Jesus

A hard worker, Willing to help
She does everything the Lord assigns
Her service is always with a smile
Always to the best of her ability

She never complains
Just sold out to Jesus
A Godly Wife, Loves Chuck Kelley with all of her being
Together they follow and serve the Lord as One

A brilliant woman of integrity
Adept at following the Spirit
She loves people, Is an encourager, Is an equipper
Her life focused on the Lord’s work

A wonder woman, a heart that beats for the Lord Jesus and people
Her resources fully committed to His work, His people
She loves her church, Her family, Her friends
Resourceful, Tireless, She is a true servant of the Lord

Clay Corvin