Hurt and pain go away
I cry as others
I want my way
So I rail at inanimate things
Claiming life things

Jesus uses failure
To help us see
How evil things cannot please
How much God cares
For you and for me

Abundance is in the eye of the beholder
What I see as joy
Others see as pain
I wear Godly glasses
Going to Christ to see

Unbelievers all around us
Foolish in their claims
All beliefs recycle
Claiming God can’t win
And humanity is in control

That kind of thought brings laughter
To evils casting call
Man is so conceited
He thinks he can win
When everyday brings failure again

Evil seeks to blind us
Convince us we have no worth
That nothing cares and we don’t count
Get all that you can grab
Life ends on a slab

Jesus says you are special
He died just for you
The Lord of all is waiting
For you to stop and call
Lord I need help today
CC 1/12/05