The poor plead for mercy; the rich answer with insults.
Proverbs 18:23
I am not rich in worldly goods. I am rich in Christ. It is important for me to remember that the majority of people that I deal with daily do not know Jesus. People need Jesus. I am called by the Word of God to participate with the Lord in promoting the Gospel message. This requires me to listen to what the world is saying and doing and respond in such a way that the Gospel message will get through to them. The early church was not wealthy. Paul said that they were known for their love of the brethren.

All around are shakes and fries
Instant everything
In a world that is passing away
Life is not very long

People crying for help
Drugs and evil rule
I must hear their plea
Life is more than this

Jesus brings life and light
To hardened, hurting souls
I am called to share
God’s love with those in the cold

The world is a lonely place
Love does not abound
In Christ we share the love He gives
With every one we meet

I am not to judge
I often can’t debate
The world cannot mimic
The love of Christ in the face of hate

Go and tell
Care for the lost
Jesus is seeking through me
And He has paid the cost