God has a plan
Made for you
Years before conception
Before you knew you

You were not an accident
Created for real life
Understand God’s interest
Receive His love

Everything you are thinking
All that you can do
Work together making up you
Christ will use you

Everything you do counts
Nothing is ever wasted
The gift of life from Jesus Christ
Equips you to live your life

Don’t focus on your losses
On the things you don’t have
Take a deep breath and claim life
Your life doesn’t have to be sad

It will be what you make it
No one can discredit you
Especial thoughts of evil
Or Satan accusing you

Christ is our redeemer
The victory is won
All those thoughts of joy
Reflect the Father’s Son

Let Him have your efforts
Give Christ your life
Jesus will give you value
And create a consecrated life

CC 3/25/05