(2 CHRON. 15:17)
Asa was obedient to God in his heart.
He didn’t pay attention-he left the high places in Judah.
It wasn’t a stumbling block to him.
The people were hurt because they kept worshipping their idols. 
God calls us to pay attention.
What is insignificant to us.
May be significant to God.
What are you ignoring in your life?
Obedience in mind, body, and spirit.
Jesus is with us.  In us. 
The Holy Spirit is guiding us. 
What has the Lord called us to do?
What seems trivial to us.
May be big with God.
He points it out to us over and over.
We evaluate with limited wisdom-not important. 
We are time-based creatures. 
Here today, gone tomorrow.
God sees everything from an eternal viewpoint.
He knows what is critical.  He attempts to tell us.
We don’t hear.
We don’t search His heart for direction.
We shrug off eternal consequences.
We just don’t pay attention. 
Lord what would you have me do?
What am I missing?
Teach me Your way.
Jesus I bend my knee to You. 
You are the way.
The truth.
And the life.
I am Yours. 
Clay Corvin
August 3, 2022