We celebrate a joyous life
Mourning our loss
One man has made an impact
Our loss is his gain

A long life of value and worth
He cared for us-loved us
With courage when courage wasn’t cool
Hearing our hurts and pains
Living with a discipline that encouraged us
He knew each of us by name
Landrum walked to God’s song-Jesus

Family always counted
Wife, children, grandchildren, kin and friends
When you were with him
You were somebody and you knew you could win

A man with no guile
His vision was far-reaching and transparent
Tough with a heart of gold
Beulah land his goal-now he is there

He was our preacher, teacher, leader and friend
Strong guts, no quit
He hated dirt, debt and the devil
One man-Landrum Leavell II
We love him

Clay Corvin September 28, 2008-Wichita Falls, TX