Night time when our hearts beat loud
Conscience condemns
Courage clouds
The light is set
Concealing truth
Hard to see through sin
Bend the knee and turn to Him

Prayers are heard
Miracles done
Daily lives are blessed
Yet darkness only condemns
Giving one no rest
Denying answers really came
It was only things the same

I took a note
Writing my plea
Come dear Lord forgiving me
Blessing me with wisdom and peace
Give me courage to bend my knee
Listening to your Word
Christ is here, He heard

I don’t understand a lot of things
Suffering life and feeling pain
I do know this and I believe
God is good and He loves me
This is my strength
What ere befalls
Temptation has a hollow ring

God is great
He uses me
The world only accuses me
Joy comes in faithful days
Giving light to darkened days
He is all the world to me
Thank you Lord for making me
CC 11/28/05