Raised to think we count most
Focused on self from birth
Taught our worth was what we owned
Conquer and command our home

The blood of Christ christened me
His work cleansed me
A newborn babe in Kingdom years
My past is over the future lives

People count in His kingdom
He fervently loves the lost
His example laid out for me
The Perfect Man from Calvary

I’m as fit for heaven as I’ll ever be
His love calls me to be
More like Him every day
Jesus said “Walk this way!”

Just like the lost
I doubt and blame
It’s my old nature
I’m just the same

Every challenge does me in
Blown about by all my sin
How in the world can I ever be
More like Jesus and less like me

His Word spoke to me
Life is hard-its not your world
The struggle is the thing
Suffering and pain makes you like ME

Read, read, read MY Word
Write it on your heart
Focus all on ME
Your love will grow-Do it-You’ll see

Clay Corvin November 15, 2008