A very good day
Walking in Rome
Seeing where Christianity
Flourished and made its home

Looking at the ancients
Hearing their views
What happened?
Why did we change our views?

The world is in a hurry
We slowed it down
Underscored the value
Of God’s people here in Rome

Bill Warren was our rudder
As our scholars shared
Giving us enough
To understand those now dead

Sharing all their why’s and how’s
It magnified our view
Carla kept us together
We saw God’s world anew

Our students have discovered
Physical remains
It’s easy to criticize the unknown
Now we know much more of Rome

I want to thank our travelers
What a job they’ve done
Everyone working together
Exemplifying God’s son

Jimmy Dukes expounding
Paul’s words from Rome
Encouraging each one of us
To think and grow

Friends and family
Blessing each and all
Don’t forget the food
And our casual talks

I want to do better
I want to be used
Thank you for traveling with us
Our Rome adventure is better because of you

Clay Corvin     3/20/04